Breast Revisions

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Breast Revision before and after comparison photographs by Dr. Timothy J. Mickel. Use the arrows below the photos to advance to the next case study. We have provided both frontal and oblique view for you to help visualize the changes. Learn more about our Breast Enlargement Procedures at Mickel Plastic Surgery.

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Since I started my practice in 1990, I have done over 1600 breast augmentations. It is one of the most common procedures I perform.  While things go very smoothly and the results are predictably good in the vast majority of my patients, occasionally issues arise that require surgical revision. Usually these issues are minor – elevating one breast for better symmetry or, perhaps, a change in implant size. My revision rate for breast augmentation is less than 5%.

Although revision of my own cases is relatively rare, patients are frequently referred to me for revision of breast augmentations done elsewhere. Many of these patients do not have minor issues. Over the past 25 years, patients have come to me with problems ranging from implant malposition, to hard, deformed breasts, to dramatic asymmetry, to ruptured implants. Fixing these problems could require switching to a cohesive gel implant (“gummi bear”), using an implant with a different size or shape, moving the implant to a new pocket above or below the muscle, removing excess skin, performing a breast lift, or all of the above. Each patient ‘s situation presents a unique surgical challenge requiring flexibility, creativity, and judgment – all of which a surgeon develops over time, with experience.

The vast majority of my breast revision cases are in patients who had their initial surgery somewhere else. While some surgeons wince at the idea of fixing a problem they didn’t create, I find these cases both challenging and satisfying. A major revision is always more difficult than the initial procedure. Giving the patient an honest assessment of the situation and a realistic idea of what can be accomplished is paramount, and being able to provide that reality check as well as a custom solution is also the product of years of experience.

It has been my privilege over the past 25 years to earn the confidence of countless satisfied patients and the respect of scores of referring physicians who entrust me with their friends, relatives, and patients in need of surgical revision of breast procedures.  Of course, I would rather do their initial procedure – nothing works as well as getting it right the first time. But if this isn’t the case, I will do my best to work with their unique circumstances to give them the result they desire.

 I invite you to browse the before and after gallery and see for yourself the dramatic effect revision can have on properly selected patients.  If you or someone you know would like to discuss revision of a previously done breast procedure, call Mickel Plastic Surgery at (318) 388-2050 to arrange a consultation.