Face and Neck Lift

Before & After Photos

Face and Neck Lift before and after photographs by Dr. Timothy J. Mickel. Use the arrows below the photos to advance to the next case study. We have provided both frontal and oblique view for you to help visualize the changes. Learn more about our Face Lift and Neck Lift Procedures at Mickel Plastic Surgery.

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  • Before-Case Study 01
    After-Case Study 01
    Before Case Study 01 After
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    After-Case Study 02
    Before Case Study 02 After
  • Before-Case Study 03
    After-Case Study 03
    Before Case Study 03 After
  • Before-Case Study 04
    After-Case Study 04
    Before Case Study 04 After
  • Before-Case Study 05
    After-Case Study 05
    Before Case Study 05 After
  • Before-Case Study 06
    After-Case Study 06
    Before Case Study 06 After