What is Botox?

Like Prozac and Viagra before it, Botox has become an established brand name in its own right and for good reason: because it just plain works.

While it may have made its name through celebrity use, Botox is an affordable treatment that anyone can access. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, it’s suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove. This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing, or those who’ve developed lines from exposure to the sun.

We use Botox to treat wrinkles and unwanted creases in areas such as between the eyebrows, the forehead, crows feet, bunny lines of the upper nose, upper lip lines, around the mouth and for relaxing the platysmal bands of the neck.

Botox injections may sound like scientific wizardry, but they are a natural solution. The name comes from an entirely safe natural protein called Botulinum Toxin. Unlike some treatments that aim to pump up the skin or fill in the lines, Botox injections work by relaxing tight facial muscles, effectively helping the face stop frowning!

The procedure requires no anaesthetic as it is effectively painless: the worst you’ll usually feel is a slight pricking sensation as the doctor applies the needle. It should take no more than a couple of weeks before the full effects take force, and once this is complete they will last for several months.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-surgical, no recovery-time, FDA-approved treatment. It is proven to temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people from 18 to 65 years of age.

Botox® works beneath the skin’s surface by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for the movements that contribute to wrinkles. When injected, Botox® can help minimize the appearance of scowl lines, crow’s feet, and other facial wrinkles. Botox® is a quick procedure and can be combined with cosmetic fillers for more dramatic results.

There’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling your BEST. I have been going there for botox for over a year now. I must say, I’ve never felt more comfortable. The staff makes you feel like you’re in the best care. They don’t push you. To them less is more!! You walk out feeling like you did something special for yourself. I trust them and highly recommend you give it a try. What do you have to lose but wrinkles? lol


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