Aging, gravity, weight loss, and breastfeeding can really take a toll on your body — particularly your breasts. At Mickel Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Timothy Mickel, MD, FACS, has over three decades of experience performing breast lifts that beautifully elevate breasts and boost self-esteem. To learn more about whether this type of plastic surgery might work for you, call the Monroe, Louisiana, office or click the online booking feature now.

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What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to return sagging breasts to their natural position. The most common reasons that women seek breast lifts include sagging due to:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Gravity
  • Aging
  • Massive weight loss

In this procedure, Dr. Mickel trims extra skin, removes excess fat, and repositions the nipples so they’re back in their normal position and the breast is situated higher overall.

A breast lift can elevate breasts while improving skin firmness, realigning downward or side-pointing nipples, and restoring natural breast suppleness.

Which should I get, a breast lift or breast augmentation?

If your breasts sag and your nipples lie below the under-breast fold, you’re a good candidate for a breast lift. But you may need breast implants as well.

While some women with sagging breasts may have enough breast tissue to perform a lift without implants, the majority need both. This is because implants are often the best way to achieve better shape in the upper part of the breast and improved fullness in the cleavage area.

Women who have a breast lift with implants receive smooth silicone implants placed beneath the muscle. After a breast lift with implants, the nipples return to their normal position, extra skin is removed, and the breast mounds looks full and balanced again.

If your breasts sag enough to qualify for a breast lift, no other procedure is appropriate. Adding implants without a lift simply turns smaller sagging breasts into bigger sagging breasts.

If your nipples are naturally above the under-breast fold, you generally don’t need a breast lift. In that situation, Dr. Mickel can fill the empty part of your breast using breast implants (breast augmentation).

What is breast lift recovery like?

Breast lifts take around 3-3.5 hours. You’ll be up and around in a day or two, back to normal activities in 5-7 days, and back to unrestricted activity in three weeks.

There’s some tradeoff for beautiful new breasts: you’ll have some scarring. The scars fade very well in time but don’t vanish completely.

Is a breast lift permanent?

No breast lift is permanent because you can’t prevent gravity. However, your breasts will always look better than they did originally.

Dr. Mickel can explain your options and help you decide if a breast lift is right for you, so call Mickel Plastic Surgery or book an appointment online today.