Like many, you may have worked hard to be the weight you are or have goals to get there. You may be lucky and naturally keep your weight about right. Most probably however you have unwanted bumps and lumps of fat pockets resistant to weight loss or toning up. Liposuction is not for everybody and although often remains the best way to reshape is no longer the only realistic option. CoolSculpting, the first and only treatment ever to be FDA approved for fat loss has recently been developed. An amazing machine that can keep the skin warm while freezing and therefore destroying the deeper fat cells. The change in contour is permanent just like liposuction but without the need for surgical intervention. This really is an effective and plausible one hour or lunchtime procedure. This is not another one of those skin tightening treatments for the body that has minimal effect!

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There’s no knife, suction hoses, needles or lasers.

After your treatment, you can get on with your busy day. The fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body over the following few months. Simply put, your clothes fit better. You look better. You can have multiple treatments on the same area to reduce the bulge even further.

Who should not have CoolSculpting?

Please note that CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity or eating disorders – you must resolve these with your GP before seeking to correct any remaining fat bulges. CoolSculpting is not an all-over body treatment. Your body will naturally maintain a body fat percentage, which for women is greater than that for men due to the demands of childbearing and other hormonal functions. The percentage of essential fat is typically 2–5% in men, and 10–13% in women. Our practitioners will advice you and help you get a balanced shape without bulges, but you cannot use CoolSculpting to remove all fat – as your body will maintain the essential fat percentage in other areas that have not been treated by CoolSculpting.

I had read about Coolsculpting and was delighted to find Dr Mickels Medispa in Monroe. I decided to try one treatment on my tummy. The results are very impressive, I look noticeably slimmer in my clothes and feel much more confident with how I look. I have been so impressed with the results that I am having my love handles done this week.


Before and After Photos of CoolSculpting

Seeing is believing. Click the link above to view a selection of CoolSculpting Before and After Photos from patients who have allowed us to share their before and after photos on our web site. If you choose Mickel Plastic Surgery, we will select additional before and after images from our large selection of patient photos for you to study as you consider your options. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to see the possibilities of CoolSculpting in Monroe, LA.