Frequently Asked Questions

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Q & A To Your Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ area. Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. While this section is not to be used in place of a consultation, it does provide valuable information. We invite you to read through the FAQ sections below and contact us for your consultation.

Do we charge for a consultation?

Our consultation fee is $175. Here is why we charge a consultation fee and why a “free consultation” is not necessarily in your best interest. All too often, a “free consultation” for cosmetic surgery turns into nothing but a high-pressured sales pitch. Dr. Mickel believes a professional consultation should be a learning experience, an educational opportunity for you and not a “sales closing.”

After All, not everyone should have cosmetic surgery. The purpose of the consultation is to determine if it is the right thing for you to do. Through the process of listening to you, understanding your desires and conducting an examination, an appropriate recommendation will be made. That recommendation may very well be that one of our non-surgical MediSpa procedures will better suit you and your individual needs.

Will my insurance cover cosmetic surgery?

Insurance rarely covers the cost of elective cosmetic surgery and procedures. Unless the surgery is done for medical reasons, you will probably have to pay for it yourself.

Are there any products or behaviors I should limit to prepare for surgery?

There are a number of steps you can take to maximize your surgical results, including:

  • Discontinue smoking at least six weeks prior to surgery to avoid skin healing problems and serious medical complications following surgery.
  • Discontinue using aspirin or products with anticoagulation properties at least 10 days prior to surgery to minimize the risk of unnecessary bleeding.
  • You want to be in the best health at the time of surgery. For this reason, if you develop a cold or fever, pimples, rashes, or open wounds, contact the office immediately to reschedule your procedure and minimize the risk of surgical complications.

How long will my procedure last?

Rejuvenation procedures can’t stop the clock, but they can rest it. The benefits from a facelift, forehead lift, facial peel, and eyelid surgery can last 5 to 15 years. Alteration procedures that reshape or correct an imbalance such as surgery of the nose, chin augmentation, breast augmentation, and breast reduction offer permanent benefits that last a life time.

How long is the recovery after cosmetic surgery?

The recovery after most cosmetic surgical procedures varies form 3-5 days for small procedures such as eyelid lifts, to 2-3 weeks for larger procedures such as face lifts and abdominoplasty. Patient health, patient age, and multiple procedures also greatly affect the range of recovery. It is best to discuss the specific estimate of recovery with Dr Mickel for your procedure at the time of your initial consultation.

Do we offer financing for cosmetic procedures?

Yes we do. We offer financing through Care Credit. Please Click Here to apply now.